Artificial Limb Center (ALC)

Artificial Limb Centre in Kiwanis first started its project in Delhi in 1999. It was set up with the primary objective of providing mobility aids e.g. Prosthesis, Orthosis appliances and Polio Callipers to the differently-abled.

The main aim is to provide high quality and comfortable artificial limbs tailored to the individual need of every patient, free. For technical support the club entered in a collaboration with Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO), Kanpur, which was appointed as our consultant for providing inputs pertaining to technology and manufacturing and now it’s collaborated with Voice of Differently Abled (VODA) USA.


The Kiwanis Club of New Delhi has been engaged in its core activity of providing artificial limbs to physically challenged individuals. On an average, the Centre provides artificial

limbs to over 200 patients per month, thus helping them to regain mobility and self-reliance. The Kiwanis Club has also set up satellite artificial limbs centres at Gurgaon in collaboration with Chikitsa Dispensary.