Mr. P.K. Ranade

Mr. Pranav Kumar Ranade

(The President)

While we’re still trying to find new ground and make sense of the newly established norms of maintaining social and physical distancing, we’re constantly throwing back to more carefree times.The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought us all in an unprecedented situation and we have challenging and uncertain times ahead. As we emerge from a long period of pause and gradually make our way back into a new socially distanced world, the call of the great outdoors has never been louder. Looking once again beyond the boundaries of our homes is refreshing and invigorating.It’s a very crucial time for our country as well as our Club. On the one hand, we have to prepare ourselves to conform to the new protocols of safety and hygiene and on the other, instill confidence among our patients.I am proud of the fact that today Kiwanis Club is not only ensuring customized Prosthetic & Orthotic appliances and rehabilitation services free of cost to the poor and underprivileged patients, but also taking serious measures to the interests of its employees.It is the outstanding clubs like Kiwanis Club of New Delhi that recognize the importance of adapting change and embracing it rather than falling prey to the strategic failures.We will continue to embrace all the things that make our club what it is and add those characteristics that allow it to grow. It is our fervent hope that we would be able to implement our vision in the shortest possible time.I look to each and every one of you to continue in our mission to “empower the communities to improve the world”, by making lasting differences in the lives of poor and downtrodden.Thank you for taking the time to read this message and please consider joining our Club as a way of supporting our community and demonstrating your commitment to doing philanthropy in the right spirit. Make a Difference – Connect, Get Involved and Give Back!

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